Info Coronavirus

Info Coronavirus


Status 30 October 2020

WOKO regularly monitors the latest developments and is implementing measures in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities. WOKO is unable to answer any questions on the subject of coronavirus by e-mail or phone. We wil comunicate current special measures and rules of conduct on an ongoing basis and will publish them here and via other channels.

General information and rules of cunduct

  • Always follow the general rules of hygiene and conduct and the latest federal measures. The use of the SwissCovid app is recommended. Further information:
  • In the event of a suspected infection, contact immediately the medical hotline of the Canton of Zurich (0800 33 66 55). When entering from areas with an increased risk of infection: report to the authorities within two days.
  • In the event of confirmed or suspected cases of disease follow the quarantine procedures prescribed by the authorities.
  • If you have any further questions, call the FOPH hotline
    For residents: +41 58 463 00 00
    For Travellers: +41 58 464 44 88
  • Self-isolation and quarantine : Get tips and information via the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the new coronavirus / Responses from the BAG/FOPH
  • Please pay attention to the notices in your property and follow the instructions of the staff. The rules are for your protection and the protection of WOKO staff.

For Tenants: Current information and operational changes

  • In the event of confirmed or suspected cases of infection: follow the quarantine procedures prescribed by the authorities and please contact us at
  • ETH Students: in case of confirmed or suspected infection please also contact ETH directly at
  • Quarantine rules for tenants: Persons from risk areas must report to the authorities within two days of entry and quarantine themselfes for 10 days at their own expense and organisation.
    Instructions on quarantine FOPH (12.09.2020)
    Info Sheet FOPH (08.07.20)
  • Anyone entering from a risk area should be quarantined before entering the WOKO household. Maintaining quarantine in a WOKO household is a challenge for you and your flatmates. Please organise yourself in advance.
  • The desk in Zurich is closed from 26.10.2020 until further notice. All documents that need to be submitted can be sent by post or placed in the mailbox at the WOKO office on site. The mailbox is located in the building. if you want to put documents in the mailbox, we ask you to ring the bell.
  • To minimize contact for you and our staff, we may not perform non-urgent repairs immediately. In the event of repair work, tenants must leave the room.
  • During cleaning work by WOKO staff in communal kitchens, access to the rooms is blocked.
  • Masks are compulsory in the larger shared kitchens as well as in stairwells and elevators if the distance can no longer be maintained.
  • Party-ban: Parties are no longer allowed from the 19th of October 2020 on.
  • The following still applies: Keep your distance, wash your hands regularly.
  • The use of the SwissCovidApp is recommended.

What special measures have we taken? Comprehensive information can be found here:

Rules of conduct for WOKO Tenants Kitchen Common rooms Wet rooms (update: 30. October 2020)

Beratungsangebote und Hilfe in diversen Belangen für WOKO Mietende: Infos und Kontakte (updated 07 April 2020, only in German)

For employees: Up-to-date information

  • To protect employees, the Hygiene and Social Distancing Rules also apply in the workplace.
  • WOKO employees work partly in their home office. Meetings are conducted using conferencing tools.
  • During cleaning and repair work or room inspections, tenants must leave the rooms.
  • Disinfectants are available to employees where necessary.

Our employees will be regularly informed directly about the latest measures.