Regula Jenny (Manager of Housing)


Janis Kappeler (Head of Letting), Dijana Miodragovic, Ilhan Sheikh, Nicolas Garcia Gonzalez
T +41 44 256 68 00,

Student Housing

Tim Karagülle (Head of Student Housing), Camilla Birchler, Desirée Almeida, Merve Yilmaz
T +41 44 256 68 03,


Markus Helbling (Manager of Property)
Philipp Wettstein (Head of Maintenance), Mike Leuenberger (Head of Maintenance), Hanumsha Ibrahimi (Head of Maintenance), Manuel Koller, Remi Kummer

Winterthur Office

Bettina Junker (Manager Winterthur), Christine Schönenberger
T +41 52 203 42 24,


Thomas Gnekow (Manager of Finance)
Janina Koch, Miriam Nessar

Board Support

Anissa Hojaij (HR, Management Support)
Pajtesa Dermaku (IT)
Ivana Bevanda (Project Management)


Karin Schulte

Opening hours and contact:

Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 17.00.
You can contact us by phone via 044 256 68 01.

Student's requests are handled exclusively by the desk.


Rooms for students

WOKO lets about 3'500 rooms in Zurich and Winterthur in student houses and individual apartments. Accommodation is available exclusively to students enrolled at the ETH, University of Zurich, ZHAW and other institutes of higher education in Zurich. WOKO does not act as an agent for apartments and rooms, but lets accommodation which it administers itself and for whose maintenance it is in most cases responsible. Please see Cooperative for further details.

Everything included

As a rule, WOKO lets individual rooms rather than apartments. Students live in groups of 2 to 15 tenants with joint use of kitchen and bathroom. They arrange autonomously amongst themselves how they structure living together. Most rooms are let furnished. In addition to the cost of room, furniture and furnishings, the rent paid normally includes all additional costs such as the students’ individual electricity consumption as well as cleaning agents. Depending on the property in question, tenants are also entitled to make use of music rooms, house bars, workshops, etc. that are used jointly.