First Steps

First Steps

Rooms for all students

Room listings are available from the bulletin board. Rooms are allocated by means of a New tenant proposal via the relevant tenant.

Rooms only for newly arrived students

Those rooms are also listed on the bulletin board if available. Please send us an email ( with your confirmation confirmation of immatriculation from the university, a brief description of your person and your date of birth.Those rooms are only for newly arriving people as prior viewings are not possible.

Room allocation

The rooms will not be allocated at the desk of WOKO. Available rooms will be published on the website.

Rooms only for students enrolled in degree programmes at the University/ETH

Room listings and allocation are arranged by the Housing Office of the University/ETH Zurich.

Rooms only for students of law

Room listings and allocation are arranged by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Law.

Rooms for subletting

For students wishing to rent WOKO accommodation by subletting from the current tenant for a limited period.
Room listings are posted on the bulletin board and allocation is arranged by means of an Application to sublet via the current tenant.

If you are not entitled to rent accommodation through WOKO or if there is nothing available for you, you can find other reasonably-priced accommodation in Zurich here.